BAZ and BEA Master Dyers

We believe everyone has a favorite color. When you pick out something to wear, the color grabs you first, and when you have a piece that truly speaks to you -it radiates through you. We want you to have an emotional response with our dyed work here at BAZ and BEA. Every piece is different in some way, and each fabric requires its own unique approach.

In addition to our Dyed Collections, local customers have the option to visit our physical location in Louisville, Kentucky and have a garment dyed by hand to create a truly one-of-a-kind experience. The customer is completely involved from the beginning by selecting a silhouette and choosing the color, to our one-on-one consultations and finding the proper type of dye and technique that we will use to create a unique and original garment. We work with a number of hand-crafted techniques and often incorporate other details such as airbrushing and hand-drawn images.

Shop our seasonal Dyed Collection online, or if you are interested in having a piece tailored to your colors please use our CONTACT US form.

For information on our classes or to learn about the art of dyeing, CLICK HERE.

      BAZ and BEA Master Dyers